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The Gainsborough Gazebo by Rowlinson is a truly stunning piece, which turns heads in gardens around the UK!  Combining the stunning design and quality expected by Rowlinson, the Gainsborough Gazebo can provide a true focal point or place to relax in your garden.

Gainsborough Gazebo: Affordable Luxury

Gainsborough Gazebo: Affordable Luxury

One of the most common questions we receive about this product is what is needed for assembly; preparation, assembly costs, and maintaining this product. Naturally, it is better to know what is involved with a product before assembly, and this helpful blog can provide a few key tips for putting one together.

The Do’s 

-Make sure a solid base is laid. The Gainsborough weighs around 450kg, so we recommend a thick solid base to hold this weight. We recommend concrete or thick patio slabs.

-Ensure that you base is large enough. We recommend the base size being around 75mm larger than the external floor area of the product.


-Make sure that your base is completely flat. Even a slight difference or slope can exacerbate joints, and affect the long term life of the product.

-Make sure that the base is completely ready for assembly

Download the assembly instructions prior to delivery – these are available on GardenStreet on the product specification page. This can give a good idea if you can put this up with a friend or family member, or if you require professional help. Obtain quotes from at least three local tradespeople for assembly – this would help to provide the best price at market value to your local area.

The Don’t’s

-Never put this product directly onto grass. Although the item is pressure treated against rot, doing this would not maintain the long term lifespan of this product. This would affect the structural integrity.

-If you are hiring someone to put this up for you, wait until you have received the goods and inspected all parts. Although rare, if for any reason a part had become damaged in transit, some tradespeople may charge for a days work even if it cannot be erected.

-If you are wishing to paint this, do not do this straight away. Allow the pressure treatment to weather, and the remnants of the salts (a by-product of pressure treatment) to fade away. See our previous blog for more information.

The Gainsborough Gazebo is now on offer at only £899.99 at, and we offer free mainland delivery of the Gainsborough to all UK postcodes. For further advice on assembly, or any general questions about any our products, visit our website or our new Cheshire showroom for expert help and advice.

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