Extending Your Home

When considering extending your home your first thought would be to build an extension. Whilst this does provide you with plenty of extra space, this can come at some financial cost as well as require planning permission and builders to complete the work.

There are alternative ways to give the illusion of extending your home for considerably less money and without a lot of the hassle.

Patio Covers

Extending out of the back of your house, a large patio cover can offer outdoor seating and dining.

Attached to your back-house wall, the cover projects out into your garden and is available in various sizes to suit the size of your home. These tend to be aluminium or steel structures with strong and damage resistant polycarbonate roof panels.

Some of these patios cover, the Palram Sierra as an example, has optional side panels to help cut out any blowing winds, further giving you a comfortable outside space to sit when the weather isn’t at its greatest.

They also make great entertaining spaces and can be adapted to include lighting for added ambience when the sun goes down.

Sun Rooms/Conservatory

For a more enclosed space a Conservatory or Sun Room could be perfect for giving you a warm vantage point of your garden to sit in and enjoy.

Normally built with polycarbonate panels, these rooms offer an additional room to your house, whether it is for generally relaxing in or providing a purpose, such as a study or hobby room.


For practicability, a workshop makes a great addition to a garden or outside space should you be looking for somewhere to work, whether in a professional or hobby manner.

Mercia Premium Reverse Shiplap T&G Workshop 16X10

Workshops tend to be larger and with easier internal access than a normal garden shed and tend to include opening windows and floors. Some even have both a single door as well as double doors, normally on the gable end for additional access for larger items.

Like a garden shed, they can be treated and painted to match your garden design and to make it look more attractive in your garden.


A more attractive proposition for your garden is a summerhouse. These timber structures give you a fantastic entertaining space and can be adapted for leisure and small hobbies.

Usual constructed with several windows, some of which can be full length, for plenty of light penetration, these structures are perfect for relaxing in, especially during those warm summer months.

On a larger scale, and with premium features and attributes, Cabins provide much the same functionality as Summerhouses, only normally with a larger floor space and better heat retention thanks to the components that make up the building, including in most cases log timber walls.

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