Do I Need To Cover My Garden Furniture?

During the spring and summer months, the thought of covering your furniture may not seem important. However, as the weather turns it is important to think about protecting your garden furniture from rain and cold weather conditions.

Storing your garden furniture away in a shed or garage for winter may not be an option, but is it worth purchasing a cover and does all furniture need it?

Rattan Furniture

Some rattan furniture doesn’t need covering and can be left outside all year round, as they are UV and frost resistant and have aluminium frames which are rust resistant.

Although covering rattan furniture may not be essential, it can be beneficial as it can prevent any build up of dirt or debris damaging the rattan or frame. By covering your furniture during winter, it will require minimal maintenance when it comes to the warmer months as there will be less need to clean off any dirt or bird droppings.  

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is much more likely to become damaged through exposure to the elements, so it is important to ensure it is protected, especially in winter.

Wooden furniture that is regularly treated with a high quality exterior wood paint will remain protected against the rain. If wooden furniture is left outside all year round without any treatment or a cover, it will quickly deteriorate and the chances of the wood rotting are high.

Although treated wood is protected from rot, it is still beneficial to keep it covered in winter to protect it against more severe weather conditions as this will prevent the paint or stain from fading or chipping.


Some cushions are weatherproof and are designed to be left outside, even in the rain. However, to ensure they last it and to prevent them blowing away in high force winds, it would be more beneficial to store these in a cushion box as opposed to covering them.

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