Choosing a Storage Box

With over 100 storage boxes available on our site, it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

Your choice may go down to price, design, size, complementing an existing range of garden furniture, maintenance, or even if the box is waterproof.

We’ve compiled our top picks to suit these requirements

Monaco Storage Box

Specially designed for LG Outdoor’s Monaco collection, this storage box comes in two colours. Generous in size, the colour choices are grey or brown meaning it may not be too far away in tone from other furniture brands or ranges.

A 3 year warranty is offered with the box, which also includes a zip-up bag inside to help protect the contents from the elements.

Key Points: It can match against existing rattan furniture

Sherwood Box

At a retail price of under £50, this Keter box is a great entry level model for garden storage. With a capacity of 270 Litres, it is quite small, but this makes it ideal for those with smaller outdoor spaces.

The faux wood effect is a great feature, as gives a more traditional appearance to the box.

Key Points: A great entry level storage box for smaller gardens

Aldsworth Large Storage Box

No matter what the category, Garden Trading’s collection of outdoor products look impressive. The Aldsworth Storage box is no different, as it comes with a galvanised steel top and grey wash wood panels. This mixed materials look is in trend, and is one of the most attractive looking boxes in our collection.

Key Points: Stunning use of contrasting materials with galvanised steel top

Wentworth Cushion Box:

By Royalcraft, and designed for their Wentworth collection, the picture does not give justice in how large this box is.

At a massive 155cm x 95cm x 95cm in size (1.35 cubic metres), this rattan box could be used to house an abundance of items including Royalcraft’s weathershield cushions.

Key Points: At a whopping 1.35 cubic metres, this cushion box is ideal for those who want to store lots

XXL Deck Box:

Another Keter product on the list, the Ontario XXL has a generous 870 Litre capacity. Whilst it is not as large as the Wentworth Storage Box, it is still one of the biggest ones we retail.

It is attractive and ergonomic in design, including features such as gas struts on the lid for easy opening. The jewel in the crown of this plastic box is the maintenance free nature. It is UV treated so will not fade in the sun, it won’t rot, and can be cleaned simply by hosing now.

Ideal for those who want something to build and forget about.

Key Points: The plastic build makes it completely maintenance free

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