Shop By Wall Thickness

At Garden Street, we have cabins and lodges in a variety of thicknesses, to suit all budgets and requirements. From the more basic 12mm models, to the premium 70mm range, our collection of outdoor buildings are built to last. Shop today, and benefit from five star customer service from our Cheshire Offices. Shire, Rowlinson and Palmako products all come in different wood thicknesses, so have a browse and have a look what your meets your taste.

Not sure what cabin wall thickness to choose? Don't assume that because a wall is thicker that it will help with insulation; this would need to be done via specialist insulation material and cladding. The wall thickness really affects the strength and structure of the product, so if you are looking for the building with the longest shelf life, choose a thicker wood. All garden buildings would still need to be maintained with Wood Stain or Preservative, see our Protek products.