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A well maintained lawn is a necessity in ensuring a beautiful garden, and turf and lawn requires routine maintenance to ensure best results.

At Garden Street we have top brands to keep your lawn looking fantastic, from real Rolawn turf to artificial grass. For quotes and support of laying, measuring, and caring for your turf, call or email our UK customer service team who are always happy to assist.

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Where is Rolawn Turf Grown?

Purchasing Rolawn through Garden Street also means that the turf is in better condition by the time it arrives in your house. The turf is grown up in Yorkshire, to the east of the city of York, in optimum growing conditions. After a delivery date is booked in with yourself, the grass is harvested at the last possible point prior to delivery. This ensures that the turf is in the natural growing state for as long as possible, to keep the grass in the best possible condition when it arrives with you.

If you've looking to re-turf your garden, check out Rolawn Medallion Turf, a high quality grow from turf specialists Rolawn.

Are Grass Seeds Available for Patches of Barren Grass?

Canada Grass seed is a fast establishing and hardy grass seed for areas where grass needs replacing. Rather than buying new turf, why not try grass seed as a first alternative? It may be a cheaper solution!

Is Artificial Grass Better than Real Grass? 

Artificial grass has many key benefits, and is ideal in a variety of settings. Our lush thick artificial grass from specialists such as Parallax looks as good as the real thing! The key benefit is that it is fake; it does not grow, and therefore does not need mowing. Any person sensitive to allergies, or does not want the hassle of routinely mowing the lawn, may prefer the plastic based grass.

If you have a flat balcony or a courtyard where grass cannot be grown, this carpet style product simply rolls down and sits on top of hard firm surfaces.

This is also great for dog owners, as with real grass becomes stained by dog urine if not hosed down after your pet does his or her business. Artificial grass does not discolour through urine. Some pets are also particular and refuse to do their business on patio slabs, artificial grass can trick your pet doing it on fake grass, and can help in training an animal.