Shop By Roof Style

Everyone buys different sheds for different reasons. What roofing style you choose should factor in your requirements and gardens footprint. At Garden Street, there are a wide range of different shed designs, each with unique finishes which appeal to various uses and tastes.

If you need to store larger items and tools then the apex/traditional roofs are the most appropriate. However, these require more space than a Pent roof, which being more compact makes them perfect for smaller gardens to store small to medium sized items.

The durability of your shed is a very important point to consider. If you live in an area with high winds or that is prone to snow then the Hip roof design is a stronger option that is built to withstand these conditions. Alternatively, if you want a unique and exciting appearance to your garden then octagonal/hexagonal roofs are perfect to achieve this. They are much more popular with Gazebos than sheds and can be further distinguished with a finial being added to the top centre.