Shop By Recommended Use

Potted plants can be enhanced by your choice of planter. At Garden Street, there are many reputable brands including: Rowlinson, The Garden Feature Company, Greenhurst, Cadix and Royalcraft. Pots are usually available to buy separately but can be more economical to purchase in sets, which also makes decorating and designing your living space much simpler. Usually suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, there are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a new plant pot.

Many will come with drainage holes, making them more suited for outdoor use, although a tray can be placed underneath should you prefer to keep it inside. Although it's important for your planter to be strong and durable, for added convenience lightweight planters are available to allow for flexibility when you make changes to your garden or wish to replant. For keeping outdoor pots and ensuring their last, it is imperative that these are weatherproof and frost resistant - a selection of planters are also UV resistant to help them keep in pristine condition during the summer months too.