Raised Beds

We have raised beds from established and quality brands you can put your faith in, like RowlinsonGreena, and Grange. All are made from pressure treated softwood, and all of our raised beds can be delivered straight to your door! The Rowlinson Raised Planter 3X3 is a simple yet effective design, which is available to order today.

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Planters and Urns are also available, so make the most out of your outdoor growing opportunities. 

Why Choose Raised Beds than Growing Straight into the Ground?

Raised beds have many great features which sees people prefer them to actually growing beneath the ground. Firstly, the aesthetics of a wooden bed are lovely. They can create a focal point to your growing area and maintain a traditional wooden feel.

They can also be beneficial if your ground soil is poor, or even if you have no soil at all such as a balcony or concrete yard! Fill the raised bed with mulch, or different types of soil in each one to complement specific plants and their required soil PH levels and types. 

They can also provide segregation. Whether using each raised bed to grow a different type of flora, or to keep something contained within a restricted area (like mint).

By being higher off the ground, raise beds can also be preferable for those who have accessibility issues and cannot kneel on the ground for plant maintenance, care, and harvesting. For those with more severe accessibility problems, the Grange Raised Corner Planter is completely raised off the ground, and favourable for wheelchairs and those who cannot get down to the floor.