Dog Kennels

Whether it's for shelter, security, space, comfort, or a mixture of these reasons - if you have a dog, chances are you want a kennel. There are various styles to choose from to ensure your pet gets exactly what it needs. At Garden Street, we offer a range of brands for kennels including: Rowlinson, Shire, Doggyshack and The Hutch Company.

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How To Choose a Kennel

There's a few deciding factors when choosing the right kennel for your dog. The most important consideration is the size and breed of your pet. At Garden Street, our kennels will have a guidance on what size dog they're suitable for, be it: small, medium or large. However you'll know your own pet the best, so it's important to always check the dimensions. Kennels are usually manufactured from wood and many include roofing felt for weather protection.

Different Options

What conditions the kennel will be in can also influence your decision. For instance, some kennels have a raised floor to prevent cold and damp from rising, or some may have mesh windows to allow for better ventilation. The importance of weatherproofing and security will change the door access you'll require.

Do you need to keep your dog secured? Then a lockable door will ensure your pet remains safe when housed. However if your dog needs easy access in and out whenever they please then the standard open door will fit this purpose nicely. Strong plastic door flaps can be an additional design to keep your dog dry and out of windy conditions without hindering their access.

A Recommendation

Whatever the size of your dog, if you require your favourite pet to be kennelled for long periods then the Apex Kennel with Run by Shire is available in a range of sizes to ensure your dog can stretch it's legs whilst enjoying the comfort and shelter of their home.

If you're still not sure which kennel is right for you and your dog, then please don't hesitate to contact our UK based customer service team on 0333 577 1926 for some expert advise.