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What are Wormeries?

Wormeries are the new mini composters! These tier styled pieces produce a very fine mulch, which as well as helping to get rid of food waste, can be used on plants as a nutrient rich food source.

How Do Wormeries Work?

Wormeries are very clever. Simply put the food waste on the top shelf, such as a banana peel, and the tiger worms will munch away, eating your waste. Through a mesh style, the broken down food will fall through to the next level, where more worms continue to eat breaking it down more and more. Again, this finer material will fall through a hole design down to the next level, and so it continues.

At the end of this process, is a fine and nutrient rich mulch like compost, which will also contain the leavings of the worms. Use on plants and beds, as you would with normal compost. This also helps to reduce the waste you are throwing out through sustainable home recycling.

What do I Need For a Wormery?

Try the Original Organics 3 Tray Tiger Wormery if you are looking to get started. Don't forget to get your tiger worms.