Compost Bags, Plastic Composters, and Wooden Composters are all available at Garden Street. RowlinsonOriginal OrganicsGrange & Greena are just a few of a selection of brands available. All have free mainland UK delivery, and are available home delivered in as soon as 3 working days!

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How Do Composters Work?

Composters work through heat, moisture, and air; where the bacteria breaks down the carbons of food or garden waste. Compost is very good for plants, and can encourage growth, so it is no surprise to see more and more people making their own compost rather than store bought packs.

Simply put the food waste or garden waste (lawn trimmings etc) into the composter, and assuming the material is biodegradable, eventually over time this will break to down to create a nutrient rich mulch. This can then be put onto plants and borders, to help encourage growth.

Try the Rowlinson Wirebound Composter 800L, which is a traditional and quality standard composter.

Are Composter Covers Available? 

We have covers available for your composter to keep your compost dry and warm and protected. This can help to encourage break down of your food and waste, ready to put on your plants and borders. Shop the Grange Composter Cover with free home delivery.