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Discover a selection of gas cylinder storage, here at Garden Street, where you’ll find gas cylinder lock up cages to adhere to safe handling of toxic and flammable products. Toxic and flammable chemicals are frequently stored and transported in cylinders, these cylinders are often large, heavy and relatively unstable due to the small base-diameter to height ratio, therefore they need to be stored in a well-ventilated, vertically secure and safe environment. Available in a range of sizes, discreet colours and lockable features, these gas cylinder stores are perfect for caravan or holiday parks. If you’re looking for somewhere to house your bins, browse our full collection of garden storage for a wide range of units for your outdoor space.

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Cylinders holding flammable liquids and compressed gases must be stored in the open air to allow vapours to be dispersed without causing harm. Gas cylinder stores are essential as mishandling of compressed gas cylinders can be very dangerous. Dropping, tipping, or exposing a cylinder to heat can cause weakness or cracks in the cylinder’s wall, which can result in an explosion. Cylinders must be stored upright with a chain or strap in sufficient storage. 

Gas cylinder stores 

Our gas cylinder storage has been designed to keep containers in an upright position so that their valves remain at the top. If an accident occurred and a cylinder valve was sheared off, if it’s vertical, the gaseous content may leak. If the cylinders are in a horizontal position the cylinder can travel across the outdoor area incredibly quickly as the gas is expelled, leaving people and surrounding areas at risk. 

Cylinder storage 

HSE has rules in place for positioning cylinder storage cages. They must be sited away from building entry, exit points, traffic routes, and other stored materials. Here at Garden Street, we have a full range of gas cylinder storage that can store cylinders in an appropriate manner, with lockable features, you can prevent accidents and vandalisation from occurring. We have a full collection of garden storage, browse today for tool stores, bike stores, wheelie bin stores, and log stores