Pressure Washers

Suitable for cleaning patios, decking, bicycles and cars, pressure washers take the hard work out of those tedious garden jobs. Browse the Karcher Eco range for a more environmentally friendly solution.

The ergonomic Eco switch reduces energy and water consumption by 20% and the innovative water cooled motor prolongs its lifespan, ensuring the best possible performance for the task in hand.

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How to Pressure Wash Your Patio or Decking Area

Keeping your patio and decking clean can be time consuming, however you can make the job quick and simple by using a high quality pressure washer.

Clear the area of any furniture or plant pots and remove any loose debris, such as leaves and twigs (why not browse our range of rakes and leaf blowers to help make the job easier). Once the area is clear of any debris, connect your hose to your garden tap and connect your pressure washer to the mains supply. The initial spray can be quite strong, so always point the nozzle to the floor when first switching the machine on.

For best results, you can apply cleaning solution to the surface prior to washing; The Karcher K4 Home Pressure Washer comes with a 3-in-1 cleaning solution included, which would be perfect for the job.

Use a high pressure setting to shift the dirt and grime and turn the pressure down to a lower setting to rinse. If the area is chipped, then do not use a high power setting as this may cause further chipping or damage.

Find the full range of premium pressure washers from renowned brands, such as Draper and Karcher, on the Garden Street Website.