Maintaining your garden can seem like a chore, however having the right equipment will ensure these tasks are made much easier. With free delivery to Mainland UK addresses, we have a wide range of premium quality lawnmowers to suit all needs and budgets.

Choosing the right lawnmower for you and your garden can seem like quite a minefield and is really dependent on your budget, garden size and personal preferences. Below is a guide to help you find the mower suitable for you.

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Suitable for smaller gardens, electric lawnmowers are often the more popular choice, as they are easy to maneuver and lift. With no need to fill the mower with oil or petrol before you use it, electric mowers are cost effective, low maintenance and cheaper to run.

Electric lawnmowers are much more environmentally friendly than a petrol run mower, as they emit no harmful pollution and require no natural resources, making these the ideal purchase for the eco-friendly. Electric mowers are much quieter than petrol pushers and are bound to keep your neighbours happier when they are trying to relax in their garden.

Here at GardenStreet we have a wide range of premium electric mowers from reputable brands such as Draper, Bosch, Flymo and Webb.  


Petrol lawnmowers are ideal for those with a larger garden or gardens that are not near an immediate power supply as you are not limited by cords or extension cables. Petrol mowers tend to have more power than electric, allowing them to cut through tougher grass with ease, mowing vast areas of grass and providing you with an overall easier experience.

Even though petrol run mowers need filling up, a small amount of petrol can go a long way and they need very little maintenance, with no need to charge batteries.

Find a full range of Petrol Mowers on our website, from brands such as Draper, McCulloch, Q Garden and Webb.


Even though ride-on mowers can be more expensive than electric or petrol push mowers, they are an investment piece that will provide many benefits. Ride-On mowers are ideal for maintaining larger gardens, golf courses and commercial areas.

Ride-On mowers are suitable for people with back problems who cannot stand or push heavy products for longer periods of time. The convenience of a key start, as opposed to a pull chord, and the ability to sit and drive allow you to trim your grass with great ease.

The ergonomic design of ride on mowers provides you with the opportunity to do more than just cut your grass. There are a wide range of attachments available for ride-on mowers, allowing you to spread seeds and fertilise the ground.

Ride-On mowers are premium and high quality, ensuring durability and longevity.  

Browse the GardenStreet website for an eclectic range of Electric, Petrol, Manual and Ride-On mowers.