Garden Swing Seats

If you’re looking for an elegant garden swing seat, you’ll find a diverse collection here at Garden Street. Whether you’re wanting a two-seater swing seat or an individual egg chair, there’s a number of designs to offer you a relaxing, winding down space. Not only do our swing seats offer you a comfortable place to sit after a long day, but they also provide you with a decorative, focal feature in your garden.  Sturdy craftsmanship gives you a unique and stylish way to relax in the comfort of your outdoor space, while UV treatments and power coatings allow your swing seats to be left outside without the fear of deterioration. If you’re wanting to stand out seating for your garden, browse our full collection of individual pieces where you find a selection of high-quality designs.

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Should I Choose a Wooden or Metal Swingseat?

Although you may think that metal swing seats generally require less maintenance than wooden swing seats, at Garden Street most of our range of Swing Seats are pressure treated, such as the Rowlinson Dartmouth Swing Seat.

This means that the wood will never rot, and although wood may eventually look tired after it weathers, not treating it again would not affect the structural integrity. Metal Swing seats may eventually rust, so care would need to be taken if constantly leaving a metal swing seat outside.

Preference does mostly go down to personal choice though, as a wooden swing seat has a more traditional design and can complement existing wooden fences, sheds, and garden furniture.

Metal is typically more modern, although most of the metal framing is covered with cushions and a canopy to really notice the metal framework. Best sellers include the Glendale Nancy Deluxe Bed Hammock.