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Can I Anchor my Fencing or Arch Straight to the Ground?

By far, the most secure way of fixing fencing to your garden floor is by digging a hole, putting posts in, and filling with concrete. However, some areas are restricted and one may not be able to dig a foundation into the ground to put a post in. The solution to this is the range of Metpost Metal Post Supports. Simply slot the posts into the foot, and bolt down onto your hard concrete base.

This is good as a short term solution, but again, won't be as secure as concreting in the posts.

Whilst some arches and gazebos may be required to be bolted down onto the floor, in which case the aforementioned post supports would be suitable (post size depending), not all structures necessarily require bolting down. The sheer weight and leg distribution of some products mean that they will not require permanent fixing. For example, the Grange Urban Garden Pergola may not require fixing because of the ability for wind to disperse around it, and the wide distribution/leg span of the product.

However, this can depend on local conditions, as a garden such as that in the South East/London generally doesn't receive much wind or exposure as a place on the North West Scottish Coast.

What is Gravel Board?

Gravel board is sometimes ignored when one puts a fence up, however it holds key advantages in providing an excellent finish to your landscaping plan. Gravel Board is a horizontal style feature, which sits on top of the ground and below the actual wooden fencing. This takes the wooden fence off the ground, to reduce the risk of the fence rotting, as it won't get as damp. This can be beneficial for the lifespan of your fencing.

Another key advantage of gravel board is that it looks good! By combining wood with concrete, this gives a contrast in material, feel, and colour, and can help to blend in patio areas with the fencing.

Shop our gravel boards today, which are available in different height options for even further choice.