Shop By Cutting Width

When choosing a lawnmower to purchase, there is more to think about than just the price and the power source (be it petrol powered or an electric one). At Garden Street, we have a variety of mowers from big brands, that have a variety of cutting width. For those who want the job done quicker and for larger gardens, a wide cutting width may be the best option.

However, if you have a more awkward shaped and sized garden, a wide cutting mower may not cut it for you! The versatility of a mower with a narrow cutting width allows more precision in the garden, and may be a better choice.

Don't forget to check the cutting height for the mower you are looking at, as generally the UK favour a cutting height which results in shorter level grass. Some continental branded mowers may have smaller cutting heights, which leaves you with longer grass. Shop at Garden Street, and enjoy a great choice of mowers from Handy, Draper, and Flymo.