Got a question about frost protection or drainage – whether you’ve got a Cadix planter, oil burner or indoor pot, the garden street team have put together the answers to many of those frequently asked questions.

Whilst Cadix do polyresin designs, if you are looking for wooden planters browse Shire and Rowlinson.

If you have any questions that are not covered specific to the Cadix range of garden products then contact our expert team on 0333 577 1926.

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Why Choose Cadix?

Cadix are a leader in the garden pot and planters industry, favoured by both the general public as well as gardeners, architects, and designers. Combing innovation, style, and durability, Cadix planters are available in a range of shapes, colours, and styles to complement any environment. Lightweight and durable, these stone effect planters are easy to move, but hardy and resistant to the UK weather and climate.

This makes them ideal indoor or out. With a number of different collections, the Cadix products come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours so there is sure to be the perfect planter for you.

Are Cadix planters protected against frost?

Yes all of the Cadix planters designed for outdoor use have frost resistance, when properly drained. Water will freeze and expand in frosty weather, so planters without a drainage hole are more suitable for indoor plants as these will be susceptible to frost damage. Some of our Cadix planters also offer UV protection making them ideal for outdoor use.

How can I ensure pots from the Cadix outdoor range have sufficient drainage?

Good drainage is important for all plants, but particularly so for outdoor plants to protect the planter against frost damage. Our Cadix planters designed for outdoor usage are protected against frost, but only if drainage is maintained. We recommend filling the bottom of the pot with bricks, stones or gravel and situating the pot off the ground to ensure the drainage hole does not get blocked. Good potting compost can also help.

How should I clean my Cadix pots?

Metal planters can be cleaned with linseed or baby oil or just water. Highly polished planters like the Lux granite range should only be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth or sponge.

What should Cadix lamps be refilled with?

The lamps should only be refilled with Cadix lamp oil (99 per cent liquid paraffin) or Cadix Citronella Oil. Care should be taken when refilling and a funnel or Easyfill® bottle can prevent spillage. The lamp should only be filled to 75 per cent of its capacity and never refilled when alight.

Can Cadix oil lamps be used indoors as well as outdoors?

Oil burning lamps by Cadix are for outdoor use only. They should be kept out of reach of children at all times. Never leave the lamp unattended when burning. Care should be taken when placing an oil lamp on polished surfaces; we recommend protecting the surface beneath the lamp.

Why Choose the Cadix Accessory Collection?

The Cadix accessory collection is the perfect accompaniment for any range of Cadix planters and they are sure to add a new dimension to any setting. The artificial topiary are of such a premium quality and require no trimming or watering, making them the ideal solution for any home, garden, balcony or office, no matter the time of year.

With a contemporary and stylish design, these faux living sculptures are UV protected and weather resistant, preventing them from fading and continuing to provide its surroundings with a long lasting vibrancy.

Why Choose the Lux Range of Cadix Planters?

The Lux range by Cadix can make a real statement of intent in your garden, with their striking modern design, durability, and contemporary style. One of Cadix’s most popular ranges, the Lux range incorporates innovation in the materials used with attractive design.  

A real selling point is the granite mix used in construction. This makes it frost resistant for the UK climate, and gives it the authentic and desirable rocky look of solid granite. However unlike granite, this means that it does not weigh a ton like the material itself, making it ideal for those who wish to move their planters around in the garden or home.

Why Choose the Luna Range of Cadix Planters?

The Luna Range by Cadix are the perfect planters to enhance any surroundings. With a wide range of colours and finishes, these are ideal for any home, garden, patio or balcony. The lightweight metal planters are diverse and suitable for all plant types, whether they be tall ornamental grasses, or shorter plants with dense foliage.

The weatherproof and UV and Frost resistant features are key to the Luna Range and ensure long lasting protection and durability against the UK weather.

Which planter should I choose?

With it's contemporary look and quality in build, the Tall Tapered Planter is one of our more popular planters. At Garden Street, we incentivise purchasing in bulk, passing on carrier discounts. With this planter, the more your order, the cheaper the price becomes! 

In a choice of 2 colours (black or white), and three different sizes, we are sure to have your preferred choice.