When the weather is right nothing beats an outdoor BBQ which is why while browsing our website you’ll come across a number of stylish, fully functional and innovative BBQs. For those instances where it’s less about size and style, perhaps you’re out walking or have taken to the sea, what happens if you want a BBQ then? This is where we turn to Asado, who are specialists in portable outdoor BBQs.

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Why Choose Asado?

Instant BBQs are ideal for camping or walking trips as they are mobile, cheap and disposable. They do however require the right base/location to still be used.  Asado have brought to the market various styles of compact BBQ solutions such as the Backpack Hamper and the Boat Instant BBQ.

The Asado stands allow for Instant BBQs to be lifted off the ground meaning you won’t be left with any scorched grass. Their products have been on the market for over ten years and continue to be just as popular now as they were since entering the market. The original inventor used an old tower rail, of which inspired him to create these products.

Boat BBQ

What could be better after a long day sailing then enjoying a BBQ while still on board on your vessel? This stand attaches to the rails along the side of your boat and includes an instant BBQ so it is ready to go straight from the off. Available with or without a lid, this ingenious piece of kit will have you barbecuing off the coast in no time at all.

Backpack Hamper BBQ Kit

Planning a hike with your friends? Why not have a look at Asado’s BBQ in a bag! Again, a simple idea implemented brilliantly, within this backpack you’ll get the Asado stand, a Bamboo Instant BBQ and a Flameboy multi-tool. Simply put everything you need for a BBQ on the go in a bag!

Even the bag itself has been designed in such a way that it has components carefully considered for your incoming BBQ as the main section of the backpack is thermal lined so it’ll keep any meat and drinks you plan on eating and drinking cool.

After a bigger more advanced BBQ? Have a look at our Tepro or Char-Broil models?