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Rabbitshack offer a range of enclosed hutches and runs suitable for your pet rabbits and guinea pigs. Let your pet rabbits exercise outdoors, without worrying about a Great Escape!

Here at Garden Street we offer a wide variety of Rabbit Hutches and runs to suit all budgets, with a free delivery service to Mainland UK addresses. Why not hop on over to our website to view a full range of rabbit hutches and runs from Rabbitshack and The Hutch Company.

Choosing the Right Rabbit Hutch

When purchasing a rabbit hutch or run, always bear in mind rabbits are extremely active animals who need to hop, run, jump and stand upright on their back legs. In order to offer the appropriate housing environment for your rabbit or guinea pig, it is recommended to provide a sheltered area where they can rest, eat and remain protected from the weather. The Rabbitshack Large Rabbit Hutch with Built-In Under Run keeps your pet sheltered, with a ramp to allow the rabbit or guinea pig to access the under-run to exercise.