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Maintain your garden and keep it free from leaves, twigs and debris by using a lawn sweeper. Using a lawn sweeper is quick and simple to use, and doesn’t require the same amount of time or energy as raking. 

A lawn sweeper often resembles that of a lawn mower, and the process of using one is very similar too. A lawn sweeper is pushed in the same way as a traditional lawn mower, and the brushes sift through your grass, collecting debris which then gets thrown into the easy lift out hopper. 

Once you’ve finished trimming your grass with a lawnmower, you can often be left with loose cuttings of grass, which can be a pain to get rid of. A lawn sweeper resolves this issue in a speedy manor and collects all grass, leaves, bottles and other pesky debris, whilst storing it in a very useful hopper making the disposal of debris very quick and simple. 

If you do not wish to keep your garden clear with a lawn sweeper, then why not browse the more traditional tools such as rakes and leaf blowers from brands BulldogDraper and Bosch