What is pressure treatment?

The timber is some of our products are made with what is known as pressure treated wood. Pressure treatment is a premium wood preservation technique to enhance and prolong the lifespan of your wooden product. The timber is immersed in an environmentally friendly preservative, which under high pressure and vacuum is forced deep into the wood. This helps preserve the timber for several years from insects, fungal decay and rot, and offers a longer lasting protection than the application of a surface coating of preservative. This end product is also know as tanalised timber. This is treatment should be considered as a basic treatment and you should apply further preservatives in keeping with other timber products in your garden once you have assembled the product. Further preservative should be applied on a regular basis to prolong the life of your product.

Before / After - Quick Sanding/Brush of pressure treatment salts:

Pressure Treatment










I have bought a product and it has some mould on it?

Some of the products will have been pressure treated as part of the manufacturing process and can attract a mould during storage. This mould will quickly disappear once exposed to the air. Also some items will show a green tinge. This is from the salts used in pressure treating the product. Again this will disappear after being exposed to the air and it is not harmful to pets or plants.


How do I convert between metric and imperial sizes? 

The following is a very rough guide to imperial/metric measurements. If you are not sure and the measurements are critical then either drop us an e-mail or call the Customer Services on 0333 577 1926.


300mm = 1'                           2100mm = 7'

600mm = 2'                           2400mm = 8'

900mm = 3'                           2700mm = 9'

1200mm = 4'                         3000mm = 10'

1500mm = 5'                         3300mm = 11'

1800mm = 6'                         3600mm = 12'


Remember these are approximate conversions to be used as a guide.


Why are your Log Cabins sold untreated? 

All the log cabins we sell are in kit form and are sold untreated so that the assembly and fit of the components is unaffected by any treatment applied prior to assembly. Once assembled you can treat or paint the building to your own colour scheme.


Do you provide bases for your products? 

Most of our metal sheds can be purchased with or without timber bases. Metal shed bases are not available separately. If you require a timber base for your metal shed please ensure you purchase the product that includes the base. Timber bases in metal sheds can help reduce problems with condensation.


What does FSC® mean?

FSC® is the registered trade mark of the Forestry Stewardship Council. The FSC® audit suppliers of timber products to ensure that all links in the supply chain from log to end product can trace the source of the timber back to well managed forests.


Delivery Information:

  • What is my estimated delivery time? All delivery estimates can be found on the relevant product page below the price (once options have been selected). Please note the estimated times are in Working Days and exclude the day your order is received.
  • How will I know when my delivery will arrive exactly? Once your order has been processed it is passed to the carrier who will contact you directly to arrange or inform you about delivery via call or text in most cases. Please note this can be towards the end of the delivery estimate and then delivered shortly after
  • I'm nearly at the end of my delivery estimate and still haven't been contacted? Please ensure that you have provided us with the correct contact details, mobile numbers are preferred as some carriers do use a text service. If you have not provided the correct details please send us an email as soon as possible so that we can update your details for you. Also please make sure you have checked your voice mail and email recently.
  • Will my delivery arrive whilst I am out? Most deliveries including turf deliveries will not be delivered without them being booked in with you directly, please be aware our booking service may call from a blocked number. Smaller items may arrive without booking and you may be carded by the carrier.
  • Delivery of Large/Heavy Items - Large/Heavy items will be delivered to the nearest point of your property/kerbside.

When Will My Spare/Replacement Parts Arrive? 

Should spare parts be required, these may take 3-7 working days to arrive with you. However in busier periods, this may take slightly longer. In some instances, spare/replacement parts are dispatched directly from the manufacturers which helps to ensure you receive these as promptly as possible. You may not necessarily receive a booking call for the delivery of these spare parts.