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Biotek offer chemical products to enhance and protect your garden. Products include Bird Table Cleaner and Compost Maker. With competitive prices and free nationwide delivery, order Biotek today.

How do I clean my Birdtable?

Birds can be amazing to marvel at; there's not much better to admire in the garden than a bird enjoying the bird feed from your bird table. However, what goes in one end must come out the other, and bird poo can make a mess of your bird table. Whether the Rowlinson Laverton Bird Table, or the THC Flat Timber Top Bird Table, bird tables still require maintenance.

Biotek Bird Table Cleaner is safe and non-toxic, and is ideal to clean the bird waste from your bird table. The best part is is that it is not harmful to pets or wildlife, so you don't have the worry that when the birds next feed, they won't be at risk.